What Knowledge Should A Printed Circuit Board CAM Engineer

1:Understand the composition of GERBER, understand the meaning of each set of data contained in GERBER.
2:Understand CAM software, convenient and simple such as CAM350, fast as V2001, powerful such as PCRCAM or UCAM or GENESIS.
3:Understand the basic properties of design software, such as Protel, powerpcb, etc.
4:Have a certain knowledge of components and circuit principles.
5:Know the process capability of the factory How PCB is made.
6:To understand which CAM production can effectively assist the R & D department in the development of new products.
7:To understand computer knowledge, to be able to deal with some basic computer faults.
8:To understand English, to be able to effectively understand some tips, and to find out the reasons in the software description.
9:To understand programming, to be able to make some macro commands to facilitate software operation.
This is the general circuit board factory cam engineer basic to understand, a little experience, in order to throw a brick to attract jade, get everybody resonance.


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