Largest Domestic Printed Circuit Board

     The Largest Domestic Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Waste Liquid Reatment Company Accused Of Illegally Selling Waste Liquid

          According to news report, Changxin industry, the largest domestic PCB waste liquid recycling and treatment company, was accused of involvement in illegal sale of copper sulfate and feed industry. The environmental protection department of the Executive Yuan sent relevant inspectors to inspect on March 19, and interviewed the director to the local procuratorial department for explanation However, the company held an briefing late on March 21, and imposed a penalty of NT $30000 for breach of contract in accordance with Article 47 of the criteria for examination of emerging markets.
         Chen yanheng, the general manager of Changxin, stressed that everything in the company is legal. Changxin has no right to interfere with the delivery of goods to customers. All products delivered by the company are marked for industrial use, which will never cause confusion to customers. If any person intends to fabricate false facts, confuse the public and crack down on Changxin's goodwill, he will reserve the right of legal prosecution.
         Chang Xin stressed that when receiving copper containing waste liquid into the factory, it will be tested batch by batch. After that, all the copper sulfate actually produced will be declared in accordance with the regulations. At the same time, the behaviors of purchasing, receiving and treating copper containing waste liquid from customers are legally obtained. There is no case that the industrial raw materials (copper containing waste liquid) purchased by are transported out of the factory without treatment according to the regulations, and it is impossible to dispose of them arbitrarily; In addition, all factories in Changxin have set up sewage treatment equipment according to law, and have not been waiting for the opportunity to illegally discharge waste water. Moreover, the company has no business of recycling waste printed circuit board and has no production of regenerated glass fiber resin. For media false reports, it also reserves the right of legal prosecution.
         Changxin Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989, and its current capital is 6.26 It is a major domestic circuit etching process medicine supplier and a professional treatment company of printed circuit board (PCB) waste liquid containing copper. It provides customers with special chemical products and waste liquid treatment / reuse after use. Through this regeneration process, special chemical raw materials and metal raw materials are obtained, and then special chemicals and copper salt are made respectivelyFor industrial use. At present, the main products include etching solution, tin stripping solution and copper salt products refined from relevant waste liquid. Among them,copper salt products account for about 90% of the total revenue, and the products are mainly exported; Special chemicals are mainly sold in China, with a market share of more than 80%. Printed circuit board (PCB) factories on the market are all their customers, including Xinxing, Jianding, Huatong, jingshuo and South Asia.


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