PCB Design Overview

      In high-speed design, the characteristic impedance of controllable impedance board and circuit is one of the most important and common problems. First understand the definition of a transmission line: a transmission line consists of two conductors of a certain length, one of which is used to send a signal and the other is used to receive a signal (remember the concept of "loop" Replacing "ground"). In a multilayered plate,Each line is a part of the transmission line, and the adjacent reference plane can be used as the second line or loop. The key to a transmission line with good performance is to keep its characteristic impedance constant in the whole line.

      With professional PCB design concept, excellent PCB layout team and strict design process, the company provides efficient and high-quality services to customers; we support mainstream design tools in the industry: Allegro, pads, Altium, etc.; schematic tools support: CIS/ ORCAD, PROTEL DXP, design capture, etc.

PCB Design Parameters

PCB Design Process

         PCB design process includes schematic design, electronic component database login, design preparation,block division, electronic component configuration, configuration confirmation, wiring and final inspection.In the process of the process, no matter which process found problems, must return to the previous process for reconfirmation or correction.
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