As a pioneer in China's PCB industry, the survival and development of star light circuit always depends on its own competitiveness. Competitiveness is not only in products, technology, quality, price, service and so on. Undertaking corporate social responsibility is also an important support for the overall competitiveness of enterprises and an important manifestation of the core competitiveness of enterprises. 
      Adhering to the principle of environmental protection production and common growth, xingzhiguang has incorporated social responsibility into the sustainable development strategy of enterprises,it strives to maintain the balanced development of enterprise benefits and social interests, enterprise development and technological progress, input and output, and actively creates a harmonious atmosphere between employees and enterprises, enterprises and social economy and environment, as well as various stakeholders. Continuously realize all-round innovation in technology, product, service and management, and effectively promote the healthy growth of enterprises and the coordinated development of related fields.
      XZG circuit will undertake the legal responsibility of enterprise economy and consciously practice the social moral standards: actively strengthen the protection of ecological environment, vigorously develop circular economy, and carry out clean production; strive to promote the construction of social responsibility system, and strive to build a strong platform for employees, shareholders, customers, government and all social parties to participate in the implementation.
     Fulfilling social responsibility is the joint point of the common prosperity of enterprises and society, and it is a conscious behavior. Xingzhiguang circuit has been exploring and actively practicing, and has carried out social responsibility throughout the whole process of production, operation and management, striving to achieve the unity and win-win of economic, social and environmental benefits, and promoting the coordinated and sustainable development of business.
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